Every inspection created with Property Inspect travels through a series of workflow stages to produce a final property report that can be shared with recipients.

The workflow ensures you and your clients can track the progress of inspections throughout the report lifecycle. Each milestone is timestamped and a detailed audit trail is created and recorded against every property in your Property Inspect system.

The basic, standard workflow consists of the following stages:

You may see more stages in the workflow based on the customisations you make to your account and the plan you’re on.

The full list of workflow stages are as follows:


Inspection has been added to the system with a proposed time, but has not yet been assigned to an inspector or confirmed.


Inspection has been scheduled and/or assigned to the inspector. It is now accessible for you or the assigned inspector to download offline to the mobile app. The inspectork or manager may need to accept the job to progress to this stage.


Inspection has been started and is either in progress on the inspector’s app or is still being edited on or offline. (Note: When a report is started on the app it is offline, so will not show Active until the report is uploaded)


Optional stage. If a typist is assigned to transcribe uploaded audio dictations or imported reports then the inspector will see ‘Submit for Processing’, allowing the typist to have access.


Optional stage. Review completed reports before sending to recipients. If a typist is assigned they will see ‘Submit for Review’ once they complete the transcription. At this time, it will either go to the inspector to review, or straight to management, depending on your settings.


The report write up is finished and the final report is accessible online to either be shared direct from the system or as a downloadable PDF. The report can be commented on (if enabled) and signed online. It can also be reopened for further amendments. We’ll automatically send the reports to clients and signees unless you opt to share it manually.


The report is finalised, locked and archived. No further changes can be made and signatures cannot be removed or added. The report will always be accessible via the property page to clients and visible to any recipients via the link.


The Inspection was cancelled and no report was created. The system will prompt you add a reason for the cancellation which is then captured as part of the audit trail.

Each workflow stage will create and show the timestamp at which the milestone was reached. We record all data in this way to provide you with a detailed audit trail and valuable insight into how quickly you’re turning around reports, but also as evidence for any disputes or queries.


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